Maritime services and
international logistics

 Owner Protective Agent

  • Assistance for crew change at airport and terminal, complete reception and repatriation of seafarers .
  • Assistance for medical emergencies.
  • Assistance for technical personnel, surveyors or superintendents, among others.
  • Arrangements  and payments  for Bunker delivery.
  • Any other tasks that Owner/Operator may require. 

Ship Chandler

  • Supplies of fresh vegetables & fruits, meats & poultry products, daily products, bonded store, etc.
  • Deck and engine room equipment, consumables and others.
  •  Marine Luboil.
  •  Hull cleaning and repairs.
  •  Garbage Disposal Service (Certified by the Harbor Master's Office).
  • Fresh water by barge.
  • Fumigation and pest control service.


ship logistic


Our maritime service company provides a wide array of logistics services to ensure smooth operations for our clients. We prioritize individual requirements to provide tailored services to meet their specific needs.

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