Services as Owner Protective Agent

  • Assistance for crew change at airport and terminal, complete reception and repatriation of seafarers 
  • Assistance for medical emergencies
  • Assistance for technical personnel, surveyors or superintendents, among others.
  • Arrangements and payments for Bunker delivery.
  • Any other tasks that Owner/Operator may require.

Services as Ship Chandler

Supplies of fresh vegetables & fruits, meats & poultry products, daily products, bonded store, etc.

We supply oils for main, auxiliary, and hydraulic engines, as well as chemicals for boiler treatment,  corrosion inhibitor, oxygen scavenger, carbonated grease remover, anticorrosive coolant, etc. Services as Ship Chandler.

Garbage Disposal
Garbage Disposal Service (Certified by the Harbor Master's Office) .

Fumigation and pest control service
Fumigation and pest control service, using quality products in order to guarantee satisfactory results.

Spare parts and repairs
Spare parts for mechanical and electrical motors, pumps, valves, pipes, fire-fighting systems, rescue  equipment, deck and engine room equipment, Hull cleaning and repairs, etc.

Commitment & Solutions